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lunedì 24 giugno 2013

Stitchery love on-line workshop english

For my international followers

Stitchery love on-line workshop english


I'm glad to introduce you the on line workshop STITCHERY LOVE. This is the english version of the running italian on-line workshop.


The workshop includes 5 lessons with instructions, patterns and lots of videos. During the workshop you will realise 3 completed projects.You can download patterns and instructions, while the videos will be avaialble only in the workshop blog. The blog will remain open also after the workshop is completed and you can have access to the videos any time!

You will find the list of the materials needed for the projects execution within the workshop blog.

Lesson 1 start with the embroidery

I will show you the embroidery stitches I usually use for my stitcheries. You will find the how to do instuctions, which stitches is used for and the detailed videos showing the stitching.

After the stitching I will show you the tea/coffee dye tecnique.

Lesson 2 dry-wet coloring with watercolor pencils


The dry-wet coloring will be shown with instructions and videos. The dry-wet coloring consists on applying the color to the dry fabric with watercolor pencils and then shade with a damp brush.Detailed instructions for the first project "Home is where the Heart is" will be included.

Lesson 3 spray-wet coloring with Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils


The spray-wet coloring will be shown with instructions and videos. The spray-wet coloring consists on applying the color on wet fabric with Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils.Detailed instructions for the first project "A simple Heart" will be included.

Lesson 4 project finishing with fabric and beeswax


The two projects will be completed as a pillow and as a canvas with beeswax finishing. Videos will show you how to complete your stitcheries. Mixed media tecniques will be also used with stamps, stencils, old paper and scrapbook paper.

Lesson 5 all together project

The last lesson deals with a full project from the beginning to the end including tips and techniques from the previous lessons. A notebook cover will be realised.

You will get the authorisation to enter the workshop blog just after registration.Lessons will be posted every two weeks, starting from the 1st of September 2013.A FB group will be also avaialble to support you during the workshop.

Projects are shown in this video!



Registration is now open!

The on-line workshop is 40€

If you register within July 2013 the workshop cost will be 35€ and 5€ paypal refund will be given.You can sign up here below paypal only!



on-line workshop 40€
For any questons and clarifications please

contact me




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